How To Set Two-Step Verification On a Gmail Account?

How to set two-step verification on gmail account

Gmail account provides robust security and genuine privacy to manage and secure your data as well as your email account efficiently. It has other important security features that you can use to protect your Gmail account during logging in on multiple browsers and devices at any time. Presently, many individuals understand the two-step verification for the purpose of security, and many of them are involved to use this fabulous feature of Google account which is a genuine part of Gmail in many ways. If you think that you want to protect your Gmail account from each type of unauthorized access, you can have basic activities to set up two-step verification by entering the genuine user ID and password that you can use during log-in your account on your phone, laptop, and multiple email accounts. 

How does it work literally?

It is said that when you use two-step verification, it makes you rely on genuine protection of an extra layer of security to protect your account in case your password is stolen. It could be the best trick to protect your Gmail account when someone is trying to access your Gmail account using any software, application, and tool. So when you complete the task of this extra layer of security, your account will no longer be the same and it will protect you from unknown malware applications and software, theft tools, hacking, and so forth. Hence, if you are broadly interested in securing your Gmail account with the entire data and password for a longer time, you need to learn the basic trick to set up two-step verification on a Gmail account rapidly. 

Take a look at the steps to set up two-steps verification on Gmail:

  • Before starting the process, ensure internet browsing is on to visit the Gmail account to access using its accurate user ID and password.
  • Go to the settings and choose the advanced settings option and click on the access Google two-steps verification and click on the start.
  • Select the two steps verification option page and select get started and strive to sign in to your Gmail account and move to the next.
  • Click on the turn on the 2-step verification tab and enter the phone number or use the voice or text message option as per your choice.
  • You need to verify your mobile phone number by entering the verification code that has been sent to your mobile phone and log-in in to your account eventually.


In this way, if you are wondering about the process of two-step verification after trying it several times, you must contact our customer representative team that will provide you with basic steps on how to set two-steps verification on a Gmail account, and be smart to protect your Gmail account forever. For further assistance in connection to the Gmail account, feel free to contact our tech support team that is available to assist you at any time. 


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