Unable to Login Tinder Account

Unable to Login Tinder Account

You swipe left or right on prospective matches in Tinder's favourite dating app. Tinder has an official Android app, but many users have trouble logging in. A "Facebook Login Cancelled" or "Oops, something went wrong - There was a difficulty logging into Tinder" notification may appear if you attempt to sign in with your Facebook account. You may also get this notice if you try to sign in using a Gmail account or a phone number associated with your account. Several solutions exist; all that remains is to isolate the source of the issue. And because of this, some users may mistakenly believe they have been banned from Tinder. You can test if your account is blocked by navigating directly to Tinder.com from your phone's browser; if you can, there is no problem.

Fixing a Failed Tinder login

Clear The Tinder Data

This isn't certain to work, but it's better than nothing.

  • Finding Tinder is as easy as going to your phone's settings, selecting the apps menu, and tapping Tinder.
  • Select "Clear Data" and "Clear Cache"
  • Keep trying the steps in this guide if you still can't access Tinder.

Facebook App Maintenance And Updates

When you log in to Tinder with your Facebook account, the Tinder app will launch the Facebook app on your phone so that you may confirm your login. You may need to debug your Facebook app if you're using an old version or a version prone to frequent crashes.

Delete Tinder And Reinstall it

It's easy to delete Tinder, open the Google Play Store, navigate the app's website, and click "Uninstall" Before reinstalling the Tinder app, you can clear the app's Cache with a tool like SD Maid. However, this step isn't always required. Reinstalling the Tinder app could solve the problem. If you're still having difficulties signing into Tinder after trying to update the Facebook app (or troubleshooting it if it crashes regularly for you), you may want to delete Tinder and try again afterward.

Updated Google Play

If you're having connection troubles with Tinder and using Google Play services, make sure you're using the most recent version available (even though updates happen automatically). If you don't update your Play services, you'll find that many of your apps stop functioning entirely.

Cache Accumulated

Due to the accumulation of caches in memory, the Tinder app may crash occasionally. To access Tinder's storage settings, select Settings > Apps > Tinder > Storage. Clear Data and Clear Cache are the two choices. Go to Settings, Clear Cache, and finally restart Tinder.


Tinder has been quite helpful to people actively seeking a romantic partner. It's devastating if you need to use the app and you can't because it's not functioning correctly. Applying these steps is the only way to get the app to start working again.

In addition, Tinder's support team is available via email or a toll-free number in case you need further assistance. Let's hope they can assist you and resolve the issue.

Thank you!


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