Why My Outlook Not Receiving Emails From Gmail? How To fix it

outlook not receiving emails

Outlook Not Receiving Emails From Gmail

Outlook is a well-known email server and management application which is owned by Microsoft. But as a user, you might have experienced various issues while using your Outlook account. Out of many common problems or issues that people face while using Microsoft Outlook, one of the most common problems like when Outlook not receiving emails or when Outlook not receiving emails from gmail even after creating an Outlook account successfully. This post will provide you with solutions to problems you face while receiving emails from other email service providers like gmail.

Repair Gmail Account In Outlook For Received Emails

Repairing gmail accounts in outlook could be one of the solutions in order to solve the problem of Outlook not receiving emails, Outlook offers options to its users to repair accounts which are added in the application. If in case the Gmail email provider is not working properly on Outlook then you can easily repair the account and then try again. To repair your gmail account in Outlook follow this simple steps

Step 1: Open Outlook app on windows

Step 2: Go to File menu option which is present at the top of the application

Step 3: From the info menu select account settings

Step 4: Then click on account settings and find the email accounts added with outlook and then click on Gmail and select repair option at the top.

Your email account would be repaired within a few minutes of time.

Steps For Enable Notifications For Outlook

To check whether you are receiving emails from gmail in your outlook account it might happen that you have disabled the outlook notifications on Windows and you need to just enable it in order to receive notifications. To do this follow some simple steps that are listed below

Step 1: Launch the Windows setting app

Step 2: Go to system and then open the Notifications Menu

Step 3: Enable notifications for Outlook and then you would start receiving new emails from Gmail in the windows notifications menu

Remove And Add Gmail Account

Sometimes it is needed to remove and add the Gmail account again in your outlook account in order to find solutions for problems like Outlook not receiving emails or Outlook not receiving emails, emails from gmail.  To remove and add the same gmail account in your outlook account you just need to follow some simple steps which are given below.

Step 1: Launch or open Outlook on Windows and then find the gmail account that you want to remove from the left sidebar

Step 2: then right click on the gmail id and choose the remove option from the context menu.

Step 3:  Confirm the action that you are taking and then Outlook will remove the gmail account from the application.

Step 4: Then go to File tab and select the Add Account option from the info menu

Step 5: Add the google id, password and integrate the gmail account with outlook again.

Manage Rules For Gmail In Outlook

It might happen that you have created rules to move emails from several email addresses to spam boxes which is actually creating problems like Outlook not receiving emails from gmail or from any other email service provider. You need to check these rules menu again and delete the unnecessary rules. To do so follows these simple steps, these are as follows

Step 1: Open outlook on windows and click on File menu at the top

Step 2:  From the info tab select or choose Manage Rules And Alerts

Step 3:Select gmail email provider option from the drop down menu and then check rules.

Step 4: then click on a rule and select the delete option present at the top to remove the rule.


There are various ways to fix problems like Outlook not receiving emails from gmail. This post has provided ways to fix this problem in no time.


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