Steps to Fix Email Not Working

Steps to Fix Email Not Working getechinfo

BellSouth has been a part of AT&T for so many years now, Undoubtedly it serves its users in so many ways like sending emails, documents, media and images. Many users are using BellSouth email because of it's exceptional features but sometimes users report issues while using BellSouth email. If we talk about login Issues, fortunately here we have provided some common problems that users reported.

BellSouth Email isn't Sending mails

If bellSouth email is not sending mails in your account, the issue might be of email configuration. So configure your email and check again.

Password Reset

Sometimes you forgoting your password or simply put wrong credentials this might be a bigger reasons for the BellSouth email login issue. So check your credential or if you forgot your password follow the Password Reset steps and then proceed further.

Server Issue

Server can also be the biggest reason that you are not able to sending or receiveing mails. So checkout your server and if it's not working properly go to the server setting and follow the necessary steps. After doing that check again, whether the issue is fixed or not.

Internet Connectivity

This is the most common reason for Bellsouth login issue. So make sure your internet connection is working fine, because without good internet connectivity you won't be able to work properly.

Ways to Fix BellSouth Email Login Issue

Password Reset and Create a Secure Mail Key

If BellSouth email is not working in your account, you can simply fix it by Password Reset. This issue most commonly occurred, so if you want to fix it go to BellSouth's website and Reset your password. If it's done and you still face the same problem again, you should create a secure mail key. This is a password used only for outlook.

Some Methods to Create a Secure Mail Key

  • Go to BellSouth profile page then click on "Sign-in info".
  • Select the email account for create a secure mail key.
  • Choose "Manage secure key mail".
  • Select "Add Secure mail key" option.
  • Select "Create secure mail key".
  • Select "Ok".

Fix the Server

Sometimes, it's possible that there is a server related problem, for that simply go to the server setting and fix this. But in this case you can't do much, you just have to wait or contact BellSouth and they'll let you know if it's a server related issue.

Fix Your BellSouth Account Profile

It might be the reason for your BellSouth that your profile is not fine. There can be various reasons for this but here are some way to fix this.

  • Go to the "File" tab and select "Info".
  • Click "Account" and then go to "Account Settings".
  • Change the folder to "Data File"> "Inbox".

Check Antivirus

It is possible that your BellSouth email is not working due to some antivirus. Firewall or antivirus can sometimes create big trouble and prevent you from working properly on your account. So, You should simply disabled the antivirus and completely remove the antivirus from your account. Do this and if still you face the problem simply switch to another antivirus solution. That's all from our end.

If the problem still persists you should talk with the help of BellSouth helpline centre, they have exceptional teams of technicians they can serve you in resolving your further issues.

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