Fix Safari if it Can not open Page on iPhone or iOS Devices

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Apple safari is a well-known browser that is used on iOS devices. It is the fastest browser that helps in loading the tabs quickly and provides the search results instantly. But have you ever thought that if the browser doesn’t provide the results as quickly as expected? Though it is common it can put the user in a real mess as handling it requires a lot of effort and accurate fixes.

If your Safari Can't Open the Page on iPhone or iPad or Mac, you may search for the query or search for “Why is Apple Safari not working properly” or safari is not responding or safari not loading correctly. Whatever may be the query is we have compiled the resolutions for you.

If your safari is not working, not responding, crashing or any other such issue then applying the fixes mentioned below can help resolve the issue or take you back on the uninterrupted service experience again. Let us see how we can fix that.

How to Fix Apple Safari not Responding Properly?

Reset Web Browser

Resetting the web browser is a common solution. All you need to do is restart your device.

  • Enter the force quit menu by using the keyword shortcut of command-option-ESC.
  • In the popped up window, select safari.
  • Now click on force quit.
  • Open safari to check if the issue has been resolved. 

Close Specific Frozen Process of Safari

A simple restart is not the solution though. However, you can close a specific frozen process of safari that may help to resolve the “not responding” issue.

  • Open activity monitor by launching Finder.
  • Go to applications.
  • Choose Utilities.
  • Alternatively, call the spotlight by using the keyboard shortcut.
  • In the activity monitor under CPU and memory tabs look for safari related processes that occurred in red and containing a status message.
  • Select the process in the question.
  • Click on the “X” icon in the top left corner to quit.
  • Repeat the step with each process that contains the “Not responding” message.
  • When you close a frozen process you force safari to exit.
  • It usually then reloads the webpage automatically.

Clear Safari Cache and Cookies

Encountering the “safari not responding” issue is undoubtedly a frustrating situation that causes several other issues. So, to save the device from getting into further issues or to resolve the issue, clear the cache and cookies of the browser.

  • Click on Safari in the menu bar at top of the screen.
  • Select Clear History.
  • Then choose timeline.
  • Now click on Clear History.

Disable Safari Extensions

The extensions often seem helpful but there are common issues that result in crashes and several other issues. To ensure that the Safari extensions are not generating the issue, perform the following

  • Click on Safari in the menu at the top of the screen.
  • Select preferences.
  • Choose extensions tab.
  • Disable or completely uninstall items displayed in the list.

Got your issue resolved? Great to hear that! But apart from the issue mentioned above, one common issue of safari browser nit loading the web pages is also commonly reported. Let us see how it can be handled.

How do I Fix Safari Not Loading Web Pages on iPhone?

If your safari is not loading web pages on your iPhone, then you need to check on a few things to solve the problems. Let us see how you can fix it.

Make Sure you Are Connected to the internet

The working internet is essential and for the iPhone to load the web pages properly you need to check your internet connection. Make sure you are connected to a working internet.

Reload the Page

If the page does not open or doesn’t load you need to reload it. To do so, perform the below-mentioned steps.

  • Choose view.
  • Reload the page or press on Command-R.
  • If that does not work then press Command- to quit the safari.
  • Now reopen the safari.
  • Try again.
  • If the safari browser doesn’t quit, press Option-Command-Esc to force quit safari.

Install Updates 

You might be working on an outdated version then also you may get the issue. You need to install the fresh updates to your device.

Turn off Safari Extensions

Even if the extensions are up to date, turn them off temporarily as it may halt the working. Follow the below steps.

  • Choose Safari.
  • Click on Preferences.
  • Now click on Extensions.
  • To turn off an extension deselect the checkbox.

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We hope that this blog has helped you in resolving the issue and provided you with reliable solutions to handle it. In case, this doesn’t work for you, contact the customer support services to get your issues resolved with technical help.

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