Microsoft Office Billing Issue

Microsoft Office Billing Issue

A Microsoft billing account is created when a person signs up to try or buy Microsoft products. A person can use his/her billing account to manage their account settings, invoices, payment methods, and purchases.

With this, one of the well-known Microsoft billing accounts is Microsoft Online Services Program. This billing account is created when a person signs up for a Microsoft office 365 subscription directly.

Some issues faced while Microsoft billing are:

  • Microsoft Office 365 Unauthorized Charges
  • Troubleshoot problems while paying for something
  • The website being down
  • Login error
  • Microsoft store payment issues

1. Microsoft Office 365 Unauthorized Charges:

Sometimes, when a person makes multiple purchases at Microsoft Store over a few days, the same will be billed as one charge. To check the charges applied, a person can sign in to his/her order history. If a person is having more than one Microsoft account, he/she can sign in to each one to check the order history.
But in the same, sometimes some extra charges (Microsoft Office 365 Unauthorized charges) also get included, through a fake way or can also be an issue from Microsoft. To solve the same problem a person can contact the Microsoft account or confirm the charges with the Microsoft account easily.

2. Troubleshoot Problems While Paying for Something:

If a person is having trouble buying something from Microsoft Store, here are some steps to solve the same.
Firstly, a person needs to check his/her account status
Secondly, he/she has to check a balance due for a Microsoft subscription
Thirdly, he/she has to check that there is a temporary suspension from the Microsoft account.
Fourthly, if not the above-mentioned issues, a person has to check that his/her account has been suspended or banned from Xbox Live or not.

3. The Website/Account Being Down:

Each and every website goes under maintenance, the same can happen with Microsoft websites as well. Sometimes, the Microsoft office website can be having network issues, can be under maintenance and cannot be working. The website/application can start in a few hours without doing anything, the same time (hours) also remains mentioned on the error page of the website. If the same doesn't work Microsoft Office auto-renewal or renewal can be an issue, keeping Microsoft Office Auto Renewal is the best way to keep the Microsoft Office always working.

4. Login Error:

When a person is not able to log in an authorized Microsoft account, the first thing he/she should immediately try is restarting the computer. If a person can get to the login screen, click on the power icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen, then choose “Restart.” This will restart the computer and help a person to verify that the issue is still present or not.

5. Microsoft Store Payment Issues:

Microsoft payment issues come due to the account not being updated.
The steps to update the Microsoft store payment are:
First, Open the Microsoft Store app.
Second, to click on the icon that looks like three horizontally aligned dots.
Third, from the drop-down menu, select the option payment.
Fourth, use the Microsoft account details to sign in to the selected option "Payment".
With this, once a person is done with that, he/she can select a payment method.


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