How To Reset The Epson L3150 WI-FI Password?

How to reset Wifi Network setting in Epson L3150

Epson Printer device is quite simple to connect with your computer and mobile device with the help of its excellent WI-FI services.  It allows you to use your computer and mobile device's wireless to select the Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and password and get started to work with an Epson Printer device at a suitable time. Hence, if you have bought a new Epson L3150 printer device and try to connect it with your mobile or computer device, you can quickly get started to choose the best settings you can use on your device in a meaningful manner easily. 

How to Reset The Epson L3150 Wi-Fi Password? Providing Easiest Redress

Suppose you wish to reset the Epson L3 150 WI-FI password, but due to lack of technical knowledge, you cannot do so; feel free to contact our customer support team that is adept in providing you with the most straightforward tips to complete the task of resetting the password soon. It will be essential to understand the best procedure to reset the password of the Epson L3150 printer device and be assured that you can complete the task of printing documents at the right time with ease. 

Following Are The Ways Assisting You in Resetting The Epson L3150 Wi-Fi Password Easily

  • First, turn on your Epson L3150 printer device and press and hold the power button if you want to reset your Printer device once again.
  • In the next step, you need to check out the network connection and make sure that your Printer's WI-Fi is on to connect some technical devices easily.
  • Check out the blue and red light is on, and then hold the power key until the WI-FI direct light is flashing and release both buttons to reset the WI-FI password smoothly.
  • When it comes to the Wi-Fi light and press Wi-Fi Direct light, turn it off and on, and then check out the Wi-Fi settings to reset the Wi-Fi password and enter the new password to use while connecting with your computer and mobile phone eventually.  

Suppose you are still interrogating the same question, how can I reset my Epson L3150 WI-FI password, in that case, you can either try the steps mentioned earlier or contact our customer support team that is quite expert in providing you solutions efficiently in your free time.  


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