How to Recover Disabled Facebook Account?

How to recover disabled Facebook account? - getechinfo

Facebook is a great and huge social media platform where someone can intract with soo many people and can share information whether formal or informal. So if your Facebook Account is Disabled and you're facing Login Issue, it can be really frustrating. So if Facebook disabled your personal account there can be many reasons. But you can recover your disabled Facebook account if you have not violate the Facebook's community policies. We'll show you some methods to how to ask Facebook to review and reactivate your account, and how to restore it if in case it's deactivated. There can be two sources if your account has been disabled, one being (By the owner of account) and other being (By Facebook itself), if in case you have violated any policy of Facebook Community. So if you want to recover your account here are some methods.

Method to Recover Your Account if it's Disabled by the Owner

If you are stressed that how to recover your Facebook Account you need to open Facebook login page, the next step is you have to enter your email address and password you have assigned for your Facebook Account. After that select the option (login). After these simple steps your problem will be resolved.

Methods to recover your Facebook Account if it's disabled by the Facebook

If in case Facebook itself has disabled your Account you need to appeal the Facebook disabled account appeal community. After this your request will be seen by the Facebook customer support and they will resolve your issue.

These Can be the Reasons Why Your Account Gets Disabled

  • You have used the fake name on your account.
  • Harrasement with someone on the platform.
  • Post content that has not been supported by the Facebook terms and conditions.
  • Behavior which is not acceptable by the Facebook, and it is against the community guidelines.

If your account has been disabled you have to fill the form as mentioned above in the article. After that you'll be able to recover your account easily, but there might be instances when your Facebook Account has been disabled without any warning.

But if you have use violent or criminal behavior, account can not be restored. So you need to ensure that you have not used any such behavior.

How to Raise Appeal to Facebook Community For the Recovery of Your Account

You need to fill the form and for that follow the mentioned steps below in the article
  • Open Facebook help center page through this link (
  • In search bar, write "Recover Disabled Account".
  • Once the search is over you'll get one link of the form for raising the appeal.
  • After filling the complete form, Submit it.
  • Your account will be restored after that in few days.

If your Friend or Child's Account is Disabled

In this case as well you need to fill the form, just make sure that you have entered the correct email address of the Disabled Account. Only then you'll be able to Enable the account.


In this blog we have provided you tricks and methods to recover your Facebook Account. There are some really easy ways to Recover Disabled Facebook Account. If you follow all such steps and still not able to resolve the Login Issue, you should contact the Facebook Customer Support, they can assist you step by step that how to appeal the request in case to Account been disabled.



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