Need help, Fix the Microsoft Edge Not Working Issue

Need help, Fix the Microsoft Edge Not Working Issue

Need Help? Fix The Microsoft Edge Not Working Issue

Microsoft edge is one of the exceptional web browser available, which has many users. But sometimes Microsoft Edge stop working which create issues like opening and loading the web page. It is one of the frustrating bug users faces while using Microsoft Edge web browser. There can be some other problems as well which includes browser windows freezing, website crash, internet connectivity issues, missing Microsoft Edge bookmarks or Password. Running obsolete version of the browser can also be the reason for the error.

Causes of Microsoft Edge Not Working

Microsoft Edge problem can be cause by various reasons like too many web page running simultaneously, unsupported websites, obsolete Microsoft Edge Extension installed. If your internet settings are not correct on windows and you have lack of space, this can also be the big cause for Microsoft Edge Stop Working on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android Devices.

Hopefully, we have various methods to solve the Sync Issue of Microsoft Edge. Some of them are given below

Restart Microsoft Edge

One of the quickest way to resolve the issue is to simply Close Microsoft Edge, wait for some time, and then reopen it. By doing so, it can turn off all the Edge's features and tab, and gives a fresh start to boot up.

Update Microsoft Edge

When Microsoft Edge is not working it could be due to outdated version which you are using so make sure to update your browser.

Fix It By Following Steps

  • Open Microsoft Edge.
  • Select the three dots at the top right corner and select Help and Feedback> About Microsoft Edge.
  • Edge will automatically search the for the updates if available.
  • Install the Updates if they're available.

Check The Website

The website which you're trying to loading may be down at that point of time. To see if this is the reason, try load another website in the same browser. If the reason is only that the site is down , there's nothing much you can do but wait to get it come back online.

Check Your Internet Connection

Poor internet connection can also be the the reason if your Microsoft Edge stops Working. So do check if the problem is with your Wi-Fi.

Close Multiple Tabs

It is one of the major reason that your Microsoft Edge facing Sync Issue. You can get rid of this problem by closing all the tabs and windows open in your browser. After that Edge will free up machine resources by making more RAM available for the Edge.

Free Up Disc Space

If your computer, or smartphone is running out of space or have no space available at all it can be problematic for you to work with Microsoft Edge browser. So try to delete all the large files and programs which are creating trouble.

Clear Your Browser Data

By just clearing your Microsoft Edge browser data can proves to be fruitful. This can fix all the bugs which you are facing.

Check Microsoft Account

The Microsoft Edge browser let's you to log into numerous Microsoft Accounts at a particular time. If you have syncing issue, make sure you're using the same account.


There can be various reasons if your Microsoft Edge stops working so here, in the article we have provided the causes and numerous methods to solve the issues you are facing. We hope these methods helps in fixing the problem you are facing. If that's not fix the issue than you can contact to Microsoft Edge customer support, they have skilled technician who can further helps in fixing your issue.

Thank you!


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