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SBCGlobal email is used to configure the email with an email client to use it without using any web browser. There are many people who are using their email accounts on Windows apps. Window mail App is a one-half of an email account and calendar offering which is designed to handle multiple accounts fairly. Besides keeping your mail up to date, the Windows mail app also sends you notifications so that you don't miss out on any important mail. Sadly, there might be instances when the app stops working, it will stop the way for Sending and Receiving mail, which may cause you to lose important mail. It is genuinely very frustrating when you can't check your mails.

If your app can't receive mail, doesn't sync your mail app or your Windows Mail App is not Working, you can fix your mail. This guide will help you to resolve the common causes you might be facing in sending or receiving mails.

Here Are Some Tricks to Fix the Windows Mail Issue

Restart Your Computer

This is the most common reason for the problem you might be facing. Sometimes we just focus on bigger problems but the solution is so simple. One of the solutions is simply restarting your Device, especially if you have not shut it for a very long time. By this, all the background apps will clear out the cache, and will start running smoothly.

Outdated Windows Version

This is the second common problem that can create trouble in sending and receiving mails on Windows App. So do check if you are not using outdated Windows versions. For checking whether you are using an older version or new one, Open "Settings" and go to "System" then "About" to check if your system is ok or not.

Update Mail App

You should check if there are any updates which are pending. If your mail app will not be updated you will face issues. For updating your Mail app follow these instructions.

  • Open the Microsoft Store App.
  • Open the Three-dot menu.
  • Select Downloads and Uploads.
  • Search the list for Mail and Calendar.
  • Tap the Download icon.

Run the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter

This is the way you can follow this

  • Click "Start" and open "Settings".
  • Then head to "Update & Security" after  that "Troubleshoot" then "Additional Troubleshoot".
  • Click "Windows Store Apps"> "Run the Troubleshooter".

Allow Permission To Mail to Access the Calendar

If your mail app is stopped Sending and Receiving mails, you should go to the computer's privacy settings and check if Mail is allowed the permission to talk to Calendar, because the Window mail app is connected to the Calendar App.

These are some easy and simple tricks provided by us for your convenience, but if you follow all the steps and still not able to fix the error you can go through the Window Mail App Helpline centre as they can assist you further in fixing your issue.

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