Facebook News Feed is not loading

facebook news feed not working

Envision using Facebook without the news feed. This in itself doesn't appear to be legit. Facebook news feed is one of the significant parts of the portal. Without it, you will not have the option to see posts that are fresh and coming from your companions, posts from pages that you follow, and news about recent developments. More often than not, this issue is brought about by breaks on Facebook's servers.

How to fix FB news feed not working?

Prior to playing out any of the suggested investigating steps which are given below, it's ideal to restart your PC first. This activity refreshes the working framework and removes any system error that could be causing the issue of Facebook news feed not loading on iPhone/iPad.

1. Check the news feed preference

There are two different ways that data is shown on your news feed. This can be the popular stories or the latest.

  • Go to the main page of Facebook. Find the News Feed present at the left half of the screen. Click on the three dabs.
  • A drop-down will show up. Here you can pick which kind of news feed you want to see. Change it to the most recent one.
  • You might in fact tweak this further by tapping on Edit Preferences. You can change the content to be shown first among others.

2. Check your web connection

One of the normal factors that can cause this issue is an intermittent or slow web connection. Check and see if the different sites load appropriately. You can open YouTube and check if the videos play there with next to no slack. You can likewise run a speed test by going to https://www.speedtest.net/to check your present web speed.

3. Check if Facebook is down

Another component that can cause this issue is Facebook servers being down. This typically occurs in the event that there are specialized issues experienced by the servers. You can use a few internet based apparatuses that can check if a site is down like https://downdetector.com/.

4. Clear the cache

There are cases when degenerate information in the program can cause this issue. To check if this is the case, you should eliminate the reserved information from your program. This can be done by clearing the cache.

5. Restart the program

Click on your devices bar and afterward go to settings to restart the program. You might need to likewise clear your program history. Select the History drop-down and clear it. Sometimes, the Facebook news feed not working issue actually happens because of this.

6. Check the time and date settings

If your PC makes some inaccurate recollections, it's conceivable that this' date issue might be causing the problem. Right-click on the time icon present at the base right half of your screen and tap on Adjust date/time.

Assuming the two choices are checked and you are as yet having inaccurate time; you can tap on change and afterward physically set the right time as per your area. Check if the Facebook news feed not loading on Android/Tablet issue was actually happening because of this which most of the time is the case.


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